Pamela and the Boys


Since Michael is still in NYC most of the time, I've had lots of solo time with the boys. This photo was taken on an outing to a nearby town for "A Day Out With Thomas" -- a rail-themed family-centric festival. Part of the fun included a 25 minute train ride.

Memories of Warren Street


On the eve of our big move, I have this need to honor, to remember, to sanctify, somehow, the home in which we spent the last two and a half years or so. As always seems to happen, I have this fear that I'll forget, and somehow deny the significance of, all the marvellous and [...]

Signing Time


Intrepid readers of this site (if there are any left), may notice that I haven't yet given any updates on Rory's burgeoning vocabulary, as I did with Callum here and here. It's not just because I've been so busy, what with two kids and all. It's because Rory, at 22 months, doesn't exactly have a [...]

Rory Walks


Rory walking., originally uploaded by Pamela PC. We finally got a little video footage of Rory walking. Here we're at the Brooklyn Children's Museum, where he got a chance to really stretch his legs.

Rory at 9 months


IMGP1290_edited-1.JPG, originally uploaded by Pamela PC. Can you believe it? He's 9 months old already. He's "cruising" up a storm and getting into all kinds of trouble. Thankfully, he's beautiful and very sweet.

Rory stands

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Rory at the museum, originally uploaded by Pamela PC. Rory's all about standing up these days. He'll crawl over to me and hold up one hand, and then the other, for me to grab each with one of my own. Then he scoots his little body down, places one foot, then the next, and inches [...]

Beware the Snot Monster


Beware the Snot Monster, originally uploaded by Pamela PC. Rory has gotten a little bit dangerous lately. He knows how to crawl, grab and bite, and he’s not afraid to use his newfound abilities. No teeth yet, though, thankfully.