Memories of Warren Street


On the eve of our big move, I have this need to honor, to remember, to sanctify, somehow, the home in which we spent the last two and a half years or so. As always seems to happen, I have this fear that I'll forget, and somehow deny the significance of, all the marvellous and [...]

Leaving California


On Wednesday, the moving truck drove away with all of our things, and we checked into the motel where we'd be sleeping for our last two nights in California. But then we headed back to the neighborhood for one last hurrah -- a laid-back dinner at our wonderful neighbors' house. They'd ordered from a legendary [...]



The day we've been waiting for has nearly arrived. We got the loan approved Monday, signed papers Wednesday, and -- we're told by our agent -- will get the keys to the new house tomorrow, Friday. Yippee!! On Wednesday after work, we drove by the place and snuck into the back yard. Since we got [...]